Minggu, 03 Juni 2012

Pasar Malam Tjap Tundjungan Surabaya

Surabaya, June 3rd 2012

Have you ever go to Surabaya ? You should visit Surabaya on May. Every year, Surabaya celebrates it's birthday on May. There's always "Pasar Malam Tjap Tundjungan". It is a party for every Surabaya People. Huge Party.

We can find a lot of traditional food from Indonesia, especially from East Java. If you want to eat origin food from Surabaya, you just come into the party. They sell many great iconic foods from Surabaya, such as Semanggi, Rujak, Lontong Balap, Tahu Tek (Tofu in traditional peanut sauce), Lontong Kupang, and Sate. They are very delicious.

We can enjoy music performances from many genre. As this year, we enjoy band performance from Navy Band, US 7th Fleet Band, Madurist Gamelan Performance, and many more. If you like dance better, you will see East Java traditional dance shows. We have special performance from America, it's Salsa Dancing. The dancer is very beautiful and awesome. There are many tourists there. All people are excited.

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