Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

a Poe

I quite in a silence of day...
Try to figure out what has happened in a life...
I scream out loud but nobody hears..
I cry so hard but nobody knows..
I'm dropped to the darkest hole..

I want you.. a lot.. as much as I love you..
and I realize that you're out of my reach...
I love you.. a lot.. as much as I need you..
and I compromise that I will let you leave..

I see you at the further..
I hope I can touch you for a while..
I think of you in every second..
I hope you may feel it too..

I remember you as a passionate man..
Cheering.. laughing.. and full of energy..
I am happy beside you in your way..

I have no idea if you are changing..
No smile, no fun, no serenity..
I'm dejected watching you like that..
Because your smile is my blessedness..

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